From March 2018, Oliver Pineda Dance will be adding syllabus to the available videos. These are based on the term classes taught at Oliver Pineda's renowned dance school, Latin Motion. Each syllabus will consist of a full routine, shines and technical tips for levels 1 through 5. These will make it easier to learn latin dance online, by following the same syllabus as taught in Oliver's own school.

Initial load will be Salsa, followed by Mambo, Bachata and more great latin dance. Subscribers of Oliver Pineda Dance will have access to these videos included in their regular subscription, with the videos becoming available at the rate of several per month.

Students of Latin Motion will be able to purchase the syllabus as they load, pricing is $20 per syllabus, or 4 for $59. Available 10th March, 2018.

Here is the welcome from Oliver to Syllabus.

Please purchase the lessons here

Subscribers may access the videos under the lessons tab in "subscriber videos" when they are available.