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Oliver Pineda

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To my World.

I know what its like to have dreams, I was that very same 10 year old child. I consider myself fortunate to have not only achieved my dreams, but superseded them.

"If you want to get somewhere in life, ask someone who's been there".

Having achieved 10 x World Salsa Championship & founded one of Australia's longest running dance schools (Latin Motion) I have not only talked the talk, I have literally walked the walk. 

For anyone who has dreams in dance, wants to make dance a living or simply has a burning passion & desire to be in constant improvement, I can relate!


I am beyond proud, grateful & humbled to have been given the privilege of helping, supporting & inspiring people through dance & have been honoured to have had the opportunity over countless of years instructing, judging, performing & competing at hundreds of events in front of millions of people from all over the world.


I have helped countless thousands of dancers successfully achieve their dance dreams not only by developing their dance capabilities & establishing their professional careers in dance, but by also developing their confidence on & more importantly off stage.


Now it's time to bring my 30+ years of experience in dance, teaching, coaching & mentorship knowledge to YOU!

Joined by leading female instructors, my online videos & LIVE weekly zoom classes are guaranteed to help both males & females with fundamentals in body movement, body mechanics, technique, musicality, styling, choreographing, leading, following, interpretation, awareness & mindfulness in dance & more.

I look forward to passing on my secrets of success to you, helping you achieve your wildest ambitions & taking you under my wing where your dreams, become my goals. 

What's your dream? 



I had the privilege of seeing Oliver Pineda for the first time in London 2004. As I noticed his extremely high level of musicality, it struck me with his choreography just how so much musicality could be used. From that moment I began to follow his career, get to know him more personally & understand that behind such a great dancer, there was not only great technicality but also great musicianship as well.

This in my opinion was the secret to Oliver's success, knowing how to take advantage of his exceptional skills & talents. 


Fernando Sosa

A storm from down under, Oliver Pineda caught my eye at the 2003 Paris Salsa Congress for his incredible talent. Over the last 18+ years I have personally witnessed Oliver take the world by storm. I have had the privilege of sharing the stage with him on a few rare occasions & have also had the honour to teach at his Latin Motion Dance Academy, one of the best latin dance schools in Australia. Oliver is truly a complete & well rounded artist, not only for his dancing but also as an instructor and choreographer. Oliver with his clean & precisely executed performances has personally inspired me many times to become a better dancer myself & is definitely considered one of the top male dancers in the world today.

Johnny Vasquez

Regarded as one of the most renowned dancers in the salsa world today, Oliver Pineda with his impeccable technique has managed to achieve a unique & desired style, inspired & copied by dancers all over the world. Besides being an awe inspiring dancer on stage, he is equally an incredible dancer off stage which I am blessed & fortunate enough to have had the privilege of sharing with him on the social dance floor around the world.


Anita Santos

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