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LIVE Online Academy   

Welcome to The Oliver Pineda Academy LIVE online weekly classes! 


Specifically geared towards all my international followers & fans, here you will have the chance to learn from my 30 + years of experience, sought-after techniques, specialised methodologies & personalised breakdowns LIVE!

What is the OP Academy?

With its high focus on quality over quantity, frame by frame meticulous in depth breakdowns, & nuances in movement & music brought forward to your awareness, the OP Academy will deepen your understanding, give you an appreciation you never thought possible & improve your dancing to unimaginable heights.


Headed by 10 x World Salsa Champion Oliver Pineda, the OP Academy takes advantage of Oliver Pineda's 30+ years of experience in dance, sought after techniques, specialised methodologies & personalised breakdowns.

Housed within the walls of Latin Motion Dance Academy, the OP Academy is second to none. Visited by dancers from all around the world, the OP Academy has provided the foundations for some of the best dancers Australia & the world has seen.

Musicality & Mindfulness, Body Movement & Mechanics, Technique & Control, Partnering & Styling, the OP Academy is your one stop shop for Salsa, Mambo & dance.

Don't put off your dancing any longer, break through the plateau you've reached & start seeing REAL RESULTS immediately. 

Discover for yourself why the OP Academy is considered one of the worlds best in person & online weekly learning platforms & JOIN NOW!!


  • Online classes via Zoom.

  • Class recordings will be available on 

  • Times & day are as follows - 

Saturday's 9am - 1pm AEST

9am - Body Movement & Mechanics - Experienced Level (Group A)

10am - Musicality & Mindfulness - Mixed Level (Group A & B) 

11am - Partner Work & Connection - Mixed Level (Group A & B)

12pm - Body Movement & Mechanics - Introductory Base Level (Group B) 

Group B: The entry level into the Academy program with fundamentals being built from the ground up.


Group A: The more advanced level working on the premise of the foundations set within Group B's program.


In person attendance requires Group B to be completed before elevating to Group A (upon audition) Online students are however allowed to attend any of the 4 classes on offer without an audition. 


Get ready to master variations in fundamentals such as Travelling Basics, Rumba, Elegua, Arara, Yemaya, Chango, Chachalokufun, Obatala, Pachanga, Boogaloo & Son. Musical rhythms & tumbaos such as Salsa, Cha Cha, Bomba y Plena, Danzon, Mozambique, Bolero, time signatures such as 4/4 & 6/8 as well as core base movements such as Time Step, Cyclone, Figure 8, Swags, Knee Rolls, Floor Sweeps, Compression Steps, Pulses, Hip Swings, Sways, Bounces & more!

TO BOOK - Simply click on the below link! 


NOTE: You will be directed to a different website to book for Oliver Pineda's Academy LIVE classes. 

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