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Welcome to Oliver Pineda Dance (OP) Academy LIVE online weekly classes, with Australia's premier Latin Dance Instructor!


Specifically geared towards all my international followers & fans, here you will have the chance to learn from my 30 + years of experience, sought-after techniques, specialised methodologies & personalised breakdowns LIVE!


  • Online classes via Zoom via a weekly link.

  • Class recordings will be available on 

  • Times & day are as follows - 

Saturday's 9am - 2pm AEST

9am - Body Movement - Experienced Level (Group A)

10am - Musicality - Open Level (Group A & B) 

11am - Partner Work - Open Level (Group A & B)

12pm - Body Movement - Introductory Level (Group B) 

*Group B is the entry level into the Academy program with fundamanetals being built from the ground up. Group A is the more advanced level working on the premise of the foundations set within Group B's program. In person attendance requires Group B to be completed before elevating to Group A (upon an internal audition) however online students are allowed to attend any of the 5 classes on offer. 


Get ready to master variations in fundamentals such as Travelling Basics, Rumba, Elegua, Arara, Yemaya, Chango, Chachalokufun, Obatala, Pachanga, Boogaloo & Son. Musical rhythms & tumbao’s such as Salsa, Cha Cha, Bomba y Plena, Danzon, Mozambique, Bolero & time signature 6/8 as well as core base movements such as Time Step, Cyclone, Figure 8, Swags, Knee Rolls, Floor Sweeps, Compression Steps, Pulses, Hip Swings, Sways, Bounces & more!

TO BOOK - Simply click on the below link! 


NOTE: You will be directed to a different website to book for Oliver Pineda's Academy LIVE classes. 

LIVE Online Academy Classes  

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