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How you Salsa says a lot about you.

People don't realise but there are a lot of comparisons one can make about dancing to everyday life.

Respect, consideration & attentiveness to name a few.

These are all qualities one should display towards a partner within their dancing just as they should display within themselves towards others as people.

Are you a considerate dancer, mindful of your partners experience or are you lost in your own world?

Are you attentive not only to your partner but to your surroundings as well or are you oblivious to anything or anyone around you?

Do you respect your partner & treat him/her as an equal by allowing them room to interpret & breathe or do you suffocate your partner by enforcing your dominance as a power play?

Basically how you dance says a lot about your character.

So next time you're on the dance floor, consider being an extension of kindness, love & care.

Your partner will thank you for it!

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